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Name: Ocyrhoe Mesi

Age/Birthday: 16/ July 23

Height/Weight: 5'4/132 lb

Appearance: Mesi as she goes by is a natural red hair, her vibrantly red hair flowing down to the middle of her back. Her skin is somewhat yellowish grey, covered with brown spots all over her body. Her eyes are an ocean blue, standing out against her features. She is relatively thin, but she has muscles showing clearly on her legs and arms, but this is merely just something caused by her DNA. Her breast size is DD, and due to her thin form, her butt also large. She often wears lolita dresses, but she will wear shorts and t-shirts in hot weather. ON the sides of her neck are gills, and her teeth are somewhat pointed, like a shark's.She has two fuzzy cheetah ears on her head, and a long tail that starts right over her butt.

Personality: She is very shy around many people, but she is a very sweet girl once you open her up. She is very calm and collective, but don't be fooled. She may be girly, but this is sometimes a ruse too. In a fight, she is not afraid to cheat to win and never back down either. She has a distaste for crowds, since she has been considered a freak her whole life.

Nationality: Half French, half Japanese.

Species: 30% tiger shark, 30% Cheetah, 40% human


*Her jaw is strong enough to bite through most materials, like metal. Due to this, her teeth are pretty tough.

*She is able to run as fast as a cheetah, but tires out quickly

*Due to her gills, she can breathe underwater, and of course she's a strong swimmer
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Nice character!
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December 20, 2013


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